Sculpture: "Friendship," Cindy's Burrocorn, and a Yak Photoshoot

During my dear friend

Cindy Reep

's nine glorious, adventure-filled day visit, we both worked on some sculptures using a new type of air dry clay I wanted to test out. I opted to take a dragon route. ;)

Sculpture: "Friendship"

'Friendship' - Dragon Sculpture

 - Completed on October 31, 2015

I call this sculpture "Friendship," on account of the little kingfisher on the dragoness's outstretched paw/hand. :) I'm really pleased with how it turned out considering how (relatively) quick a project she was! Trying to get her to balance on one paw was quite the challenge! 

This sculpture was made with an aluminum armature, Fixit Sculpt, Air Dry Clay, Swarovski crystals, acrylic paint, Pearl Ex pigments, and various varnishes.

I hope you enjoy my graceful little dragoness! I'm considering listing her for sale to help with some medical bills as well. We shall see! For WIP photos of this and other projects, please keep an eye on my



Size: 7.75 x 4.5 x 4.75 inches

Time Taken: Approximately 12 hours total.

Cindy's "The Burrocorn in Her Winter Coat"

Cindy's creation was even more enchanting! Here's her description of her regal burrocorn:

"The Burrocorn in Her Winter Coat" - by Cindy Reep

"Wire armature, Apoxie sculpt, air-dry clay, steel bearings, translucent Premo, acrylic. October 2015. About 5" tall. 
This year's (single-year!) art project while out visiting Kymba ... some of the folks we visited have wild burros that occasionally show up in the neighborhood, and of course with us, they can't be just burros. There had to be burrocorns! This was also our first time working with this particular type of air-clay, and the texture was quite unique. I had trouble getting it to smooth, so I decided to texture the heck out of it and joked that she was extra fluffy for the winter. Her horn and hooves are translucent Premo, and the Apoxie sculpt was only used to hold the armature wire in place.
She's quite proud of herself, but she misses her dragon friend that took shape alongside her!"

The Friendship and the Burrocorn Together and the Yaks

Before Cindy headed back home, we took some photos of our yaks together as well as the two tiny sculptures above. To be fair, her photos were far, far superior to mine, so she's the photographer for these. ;) We hope you enjoy them!

You can read more about the walkthrough for my yak, Butterscotch,



I look forward to when I see Cindy next time so we can continue our creative shenanigans. :D

Stay crafty, my friends, and thanks for reading!